We provide practical and cost effective advice and representation in all areas of criminal law and traffic offences.

If you are arrested or charged with an offence, it is important that you seek legal advice as quickly as possible. To plead guilty or claim trial without legal advice may have serious ramifications. If convicted, you may face a substantial fine or a custodial sentence. A criminal record may have serious impact on your employment opportunities, citizenship application, permanent residency status and travel plans.

If you are charged by the police and wish to claim trial, our criminal lawyers will evaluate the evidence, consider the law and provide you with honest advice on the options available to you and the legal costs involved. We believe that preparation is the foundation of any successful defence and will diligently work with you to secure the best possible representation at trial.

In many cases where our clients have pleaded guilty, Robertson Hayles Lawyers has managed to secure spent convictions for clients involved in a variety of offences including assault, fraud, drug possession, theft, burglary and custom offences.

We have been successful in such cases as we put in the time and effort to analyse the client’s specific situation, consider the type of reports and character references that will assist the client, study the current case law position and finally prepare submissions to the court.

Securing a spent conviction means that you need not disclose that you were convicted of a criminal offence, for example, if you are making a job or licence application or applying for a passport or a visa. We will consider all aspects of your situation and advise you on your chances of securing a spent conviction. If you stand a reasonable chance, we will represent you in court and make submissions for a spent conviction to be granted. There are certain exceptions where you will have to disclose your conviction notwithstanding that you were granted a spent conviction.

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