Buyer Check List

The checklist below is typical for a settlement relating to a residential property: –

  • Check Contract for Sale has been accepted and executed by the Seller
  • Appoint Robertson Hayles Lawyers to act as your Settlement Agent
  • Pay the deposit to the real estate agent by the due date in the contract
  • If required, finance to be approved by the due date in the contract
  • Sign and return the Settlement Agent authority
  • Special Conditions, if any, for example building and /or termite inspections to be arranged and completed by the due date in the contract
  • If applicable, mortgage documents to be signed and returned to financial institution
  • Sign and return transfer of land to the settlement agent
  • Pay required stamp duty
  • Insurance for the property arranged
  • Removalist arranged
  • Final inspection to be arranged with the real estate agent at least 5 business days before the settlement date
  • Settlement finalised by the due date
  • Keys obtained from the real estate agent.  The Seller may hold the keys till 12pm on the day after the settlement date
  • Connect utilities including Gas, Electricity, Phone and Internet.  Your Settlement Agent will deal with Council, Water, Land Tax and Strata Levies on your behalf
  • Redirections e.g. mail, paper, lawnmower man

The settlement process for vacant land, commercial, industrial and strata property will differ slightly.

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