The checklist below is typical for a settlement relating to a residential property:

  • Check Contract for Sale has been accepted and executed by the Seller
  • Appoint Robertson Hayles Lawyers to act as your Settlement Agent
  • Pay the deposit to the real estate agent by the due date in the contract
  • If required, finance to be approved by the due date in the contract
  • Sign and return the Settlement Agent authority
  • Special Conditions, if any, for example building and /or termite inspections to be arranged and completed by the due date in the contract
  • If applicable, mortgage documents to be signed and returned to financial institution
  • Sign and return transfer of land to the settlement agent
  • Pay required stamp duty
  • Insurance for the property arranged
  • Removalist arranged
  • Final inspection to be arranged with the real estate agent at least 5 business days before the settlement date
  • Settlement finalised by the due date
  • Keys obtained from the real estate agent. The Seller may hold the keys till 12pm on the day after the settlement date
  • Connect utilities including gas, electricity, phone and your internet provider. Your settlement agent will deal with the council, water, land tax and strata levies on your behalf
  • Redirections e.g. mail, paper, lawnmower man

The settlement process for vacant land, commercial, industrial and strata property will differ slightly.

For all enquiries please contact Robertson Hayles Lawyers on (08) 9325 1700 by email at or via our contact form and we will be happy to assist you.