When a parent moves a child away from the other parent to another town or state or even to another country, they must obtain permission from the other parent or the Family Court.

This is required as inter-state or overseas relocation will often have an effect on the other parent’s ability to spend time with the children.

If you are concerned that another person may try and remove your child from Western Australia, our family law lawyers are able to provide the following services where appropriate:

  • Implement urgent measures to prevent the removal of a child from the State or Australia;
  • Seek an urgent Order requiring the child’s Passport to be held by the Family Court;
  • Liaise with the Federal Police to prevent the child leaving Australia;
  • Apply for notifications of any Passport applications;
  • Provide urgent advice in regards to children who have already been removed from Australia without consent; and
  • Provide advice about the Hague Convention and any relief which may be available.

Our family law lawyers also provide services for those seeking to permanently relocate to another State or outside of Australia. This may be for a number of reasons including one party re-partnering with someone living elsewhere, financial reasons, better job opportunities elsewhere, or to be closer to family and friends.

At Robertson Hayles Lawyers, our family law Solicitors can also assist parties in making an application for a Court Order providing that their children be allowed to travel interstate and to overseas locations.

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