The law provides certain de facto relationships (including same sex couples) the same options in dealing with their Financial matters as those presently available to married couples.

This also extends to the ability to negotiate a property settlement in and outside of the Family Court and also provides de facto couples with the ability to take pre-emptive steps to protect their assets at the beginning of a de facto relationship.

At Robertson Hayles Lawyers, our family law solicitors can provide you with advice as to how to protect your assets in the event that your de facto relationship breaks down. Our family law solicitors are experienced in the preparation and negotiation of Binding Financial Agreements (also known as Prenuptial Agreements) for de facto couples.

Our family law solicitors can also provide you with advice if your de facto relationship has broken down and advise you on the options available to settle any Financial matters that may arise from your separation.

The law relating to Parenting and Child support is usually the same for parents regardless of whether the parents are married or in a de facto relationship. It is important to note, however, that in some situations, the existence of a child from a de facto relationship can have an impact on the financial issues that the parties may have. It is important to seek accurate advice from a family law lawyer about your situation.

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