I would like to thank you and your team for all their efforts in handling this estate matter.  It is very scary trying to navigate a fairly complex transaction in a foreign country halfway around the world. Your highly professional and efficient handling of things as well as your clear and concise instructions inspired confidence that everything was going to work out ok. I have dealt with numerous lawyers in my lifetime, and I have never received such a detailed fully itemized invoice.

Colin M

May I take the opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent work that you carried out for me. Your attention to detail and your clear and helpful correspondence were a boon to me, especially as I felt so isolated due to the restrictions of the pandemic. Thanks again.

Michael T
United Kingdom

It is hard indeed to not have Dad around especially during this time of the year but God has been very gracious to us throughout this time. We are definitely thankful too that we have you to handle our matters in Australia as your experience and advice has been invaluable.

Jeng K

Thank you for your email and all the attachments that finalise the estate and for your kind words in regard to my Administration of the Estate. I certainly would not have been able to work through it all without your advice, encouragement, and support at all times. Your assistance in attending to so many details certainly made my tasks easier and gave me a clearer understanding of what I needed to do. I very much appreciate all the time you took to help me in working through all the tasks. You explained and clarified all the steps in a very practical, thoughtful way, and always took the time to answer my endless myriad of questions and queries. I wish you all the very best and thank you most sincerely.

Barbara C

The services your firm, and in particular Eric Tan, have been invaluable and would like to repeat my thanks to you all. The beneficiaries have all been delighted with their unexpected gifts. They collected together last year from all over the country to meet up and remember their uncle.

Richard W
United Kingdom

You are ever so wise and alert with your thoughts about the Hong Kong assets which I agree with all. I want the lawyer to be my administrator of the estate. Thanks for your excellent help.

Lin Y