After the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, it is important that ongoing parenting arrangements are put in place for the children.

At Robertson Hayles Lawyers, our family law solicitors will assist you in trying to formalise any parenting arrangements that have been agreed.

We can assist with the negotiation and drafting of Parenting Orders and Parenting plans.

Read about the: Family Law Amendment Bill 2023

If parents are unable to agree on the arrangements for their children, then proceedings in the Family Court may be necessary. Our family law lawyers can provide advice regarding the Family Court process and assist you by preparing the documents and appearing on your behalf in the Family Court.

Our family law lawyers also advise in relation to disputes that occur when parenting arrangements are already in place and can assist with the breach of any parenting arrangements or the contravention of any Parenting Orders. Our family law lawyers also provide advice in relation to disputes over everyday matters relating to your children; such as education, health, religion and where the child will live. Our family law lawyers will also encourage you to give consideration to issues which will arise from parenting matters such as the payment or receipt of Child Support.

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