When parties can’t negotiate or come to agreement regarding family law concerns such as parenting arrangements or financial matters, you need to seek legal advice.

We can provide information around alternative dispute resolution methods which should be considered and attempted first before court proceedings are filed in the Family Court.

Litigation in the Family Court can be a long process. It is often a strain financially and emotionally to both parties.

Therefore, parties should first consider engaging in mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method.


A mediator is a person independent of the opposing parties in the dispute.

It’s the process where a third party (‘the Mediator’) is trained to help bring both parties to come to an agreement wherever possible.

In difficult cases, the mediator might be able to provide creative solutions for an agreement to be reached. This is often successful because each party can voice their views and discuss the issues logically, in a calm unbiased environment.

Mediation has the potential to reduce the party’s legal costs by eliminating the need for Family Court intervention. In situations where it’s not possible to reach a final agreement, mediation is still valuable. It assists in narrowing the issues between the parties so an agreement may be reached on certain aspects of the dispute.

At Robertson Hayles Lawyers, our experienced family law Solicitors can advise you on your rights:

  • in relation to your family law dispute,
  • assist you in exploring whether mediation is right for you,
  • provide you with information regarding the mediation process,
  • and appointing a mediator.

Our family law solicitors regularly attend mediation’s with clients and our offices have suitable facilities to host mediation sessions.

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