Tim-PepperTim’s expertise is primarily in the areas of tax, superannuation, wills and estate planning, business succession, trusts and property law.

With more than 30 years of involvement in the legal field, Tim is a highly experienced commercial lawyer who works closely with financial advisers, accountants and their clients to provide common sense strategies and effective solutions for the protection of their family, their business and their superannuation.

Drawing on varied experiences including advising on commercial operations in Hong Kong, London and Australia and having consulted to many large financial institutions, Tim understands that devising appropriate solutions entails an understanding not only of the law, but also of the implementation of strategies that will meet the client’s long term needs.

Tim works with his referrers as a team, recognising the importance of working together towards protecting the long term interest of their mutual client. As Tim describes:

“My paramount aim is to provide service of the highest quality with speed and efficiency within a competitive market-place. In delivering legal services, I respect the client’s allegiance to an established professional relationship with the financial or business adviser. My role is not to impinge on the advisers’ area of expertise. I aim to work effectively with the adviser and seamlessly deliver legal solutions through timely responses, fixed fee arrangements and common sense communication.”

For all enquires, please contact Tim on (08) 9325 1700 or email him at tpepper@robertsonhayles.com.