Welcome to the Settlements Team of Robertson Hayles Lawyers.

Robertson Hayles Lawyers has a dedicated settlements department to meet your property settlements and other conveyancing needs in Perth and regional Western Australia.

To ensure a smooth property settlement or other conveyancing transaction, it is important to choose the right team of professionals.

Many buyer and sellers are under the impression that property settlement is an administrative process of transferring title from the seller to the buyer.  Hence, they choose a settlement agent based on the lowest fee quoted  by a settlement agency.

While the settlement agent does perform administrative tasks such as informing the local council, the Water Corporation and the Land Tax Department of the change of ownership, many tasks performed by a settlement agent in the conveyancing process have important legal implications including:-

  • Checking the title to the property and advising the buyer of any encumbrances impacting on the property
  • Ensuring that all relevant encumbrances are withdrawn by the seller at settlement
  • Ensuring that the seller is notified of the unsatisfactory aspects of the building and termite reports within the time specified in the contract as a failure to do so may result in the buyer losing the opportunity to terminate the contract
  • Preparing the transfer of land correctly so that title is passed from the seller to the buyer
  • Ensuring that the seller discharges the mortgage by the settlement date so that the seller is not liable for any penalty interest charged by the buyer.

In today’s Perth market where homes transact at a median price close to $550,000 and where a sale price of $1 to $2 million is not uncommon, it is imperative that you choose a settlement agent that is equipped with the skills and experience to protect your interest in the conveyancing process.

In Robertson Hayles Lawyers, the Settlements Team has the required skills honed after years of experience to ensure that your interest are protected and that your settlement proceeds smoothly.

For assistance in property settlements and other conveyancing matters in Perth, Western Australia and regional Western Australia, please contact us